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Please read the instructions to the right (under the 'Instructions' title).

Additional information

Track and Trace: Using a Public Computer - From 6th November onwards, when booking to use a public computer you are also agreeing to the use of your contact details for the purposes of Track and Trace. These personal details are stored securely in line with the Gloucestershire Libraries ‘Privacy Statement’. You must book in advance either online or by phone as we will use your details for Track & trace When logging onto the Computer session in a Gloucestershire Library, in order for your session to start you have to agree to the usage statement which includes agreeing to your details being used for the purposes of Track and Trace


Welcome to Gloucestershire County Council. Please enter your login details. If you don't have a library card please contact a member of staff.

Extend login expiration time

Once you are logged on you will have the option to extend the login time ten minutes before the end of your session, provided no one has booked directly after you.

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